About Me

Juan Doig Private Consultant
for business and technology.

As a kid growing up in Brazil, one summer I went to computer camp.  It was one of the most fun summers I had growing up.  This camp had everything a normal summer camp had but we also had computer classes everyday.  My claim to fame was to have had the highest Pac-man PC game score in the camp but I also learned the program basic on an Apple IIe.  This interest for computers was lost a little during the hormonal chaos of adolescence but never quite left me.

All through my work experience I have been applying technology to improve business issues and provide business solutions.

I received a double BS from the University of Connecticut in Marketing and Finance.  Later I received an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business focusing on Marketing and Finance.

In addition, over the last few years I have been retooling my knowledge sets by learning about technology more in-depth.  I have completed many technology specific courses that have help me build a general understanding of technology concepts and build a solid computer science foundation.

Likewise, I have also been strengthening my project management and product management skills thru my continuing education efforts.

In my free time I enjoy running and learning to play the cello (but not at the same time).

juan doig picture

A picture before the hair started to go.